Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Middle Ground

Urgent Care, of course. And after several days of Omnicef, I'm already feeling better, although very slowly, probably due to how long I let the infection drag on. Turns out my swollen nasal passages were refusing to let my infected sinuses drain, hence the headaches from hell. And the infection kept on, because it had no place to go. So I also have some steroid nasal spray to keep the swelling down.

So that's that then.

I have lot else on my mind that hasn't quite made it into words yet. Please look forward to it.


Em said...

hope you get relief soon, glad you found out what was causing the problems x

Yvette said...

Em, thank you as always for your kind words. I kicked the infection, but my sinuses keep swelling for some reason...and the antibiotics killed all the good bacteria in my gut, so now I'm eating yogurt to put them back. Such a process.

Chocolate and Morphine said...

Oh man, that sounded REALLY unpleasant! I've never had a sinus infection quite that bad, and I hope I never do!

I'm glad it's cleared up now, though. Maybe your sinuses are continuing to swell because of allergies, or because they were so used to being swollen for so long.

As for having a lot to say but not sure how to say it - me, too. Lots of stuff going on, including some that I'm not sure is safe to post about. The words will come when they come. Don't force it.