Thursday, August 26, 2010

Clothes Mouse (Petite is not a Size!)

Before EDS got my ass in a choke hold, I had a deep love for fashion. Even in grad school as I was just beginning to get ill, I was known in my program for being stylish.

During the harsh Chicago winters I wore retro woolen overcoats, collared shirts, sweater vests and blazers over jean pencil skirts. In retrospect, I liked looking nice on the outside because I was often feeling pretty crummy on the inside.

If you'll look to the right, you'll notice a not-insignificant number of fashion-related links. I keep on thinking (however impractically) about starting a petite-fashion blog. I haven't yet found a blog by a petite woman over a size 0 (seriously.)

If I were to do it, I suppose there would be less emphasis on where to find teeny-tiny sizes (I'm not teeny-tiny), less emphasis on alterations (can't afford them and don't always need them) and more on creative ways to get clothes that fit well without spending a lot of money.

Women who are mid-sized and plus-sized and petite often have their own issues. For instance, I have a small band size (30) and a fairly large cup size (DD) which limits me in where I can shop for my bras. If I need something altered, it's usually a bra!

Many retailers who stock petite sizes don't carry beyond a size 12 or so. When I was 50 pounds heavier, nothing ever fit me properly.

I would call it Clothes Mouse, since I'm 1. A Clothes Horse (according to my parents) 2. Poor as a churchmouse. 3. mousey as in small, shy/soft-spoken and plain.

I'm sorely tempted by this little venture, never mind the fact that there is already a blog called Clothes Mouse on Blogger, meaning I would have to take my show on the road to Wordpress (most likely) and succeed at being more fabulous than that other C.M.

I have high hopes, because I am pretty fabulous.

Plus, I'm tired of whining all the time.


Anonymous said...

I think the picture in your last post shows pretty clearly that even when you're feeling sick, you're pretty.


Yvette said...

Kali, you are too kind.

Chronic Geek said...

Agree with brilliantmind above. :)

I'm petite as well and I have the same problem that you mentioned. As a result I have kind of given up on clothes, but when I had more energy I did try to hunt down pretty things. Just reading this makes me want to put on something nicer. :)

Anonymous said...

Have you heard about this EDS Conference; $20 for patients?

Yvette said...

Girl, YES. I will be all over IT. If you want to make the trip up, you are welcome to stay with me. I can accommodate a couple extra people.

Yvette said...

Em, It's so easy to let things like clothes fall by the wayside when more pressing things come up. But I find I am genuinely (if shallowly) happier when I look nice. Maybe that blog will come to be after alll.