Thursday, May 3, 2012

Jesus Lives

So my rheumatologist called me back. Thank Jesus Christ. Only God could be responsible for such an action. I was shocked. Shocked. This action clarified to me that it was my ortho who had brushed me off via PT, although both of them had avoided my calls. My rheumy out of sheer discomfort maybe? Or could it be that the nurses had not passed the message?

I'm completely unsure why she ignored my call these past two weeks and is returning it now. When I spoke to her nurse, I told her about my ortho's bad behavior, and asked if my rheumy could speak to him. I want an apology.

Calling my doctors on their bad behaviour is really important to my self-respect.

She refilled my monthly pain prescription and refilled it at three times the usual amount! With a refill even. Does this mean, sorry I brushed you off?

Why not just call me back in the first place, geez!

I'm going to talk about something else next.

My sister is graduating from University of Pennsylvania with a Masters degree in Social Work. I am very proud. I also, a few ago, found myself in j.crew buying a dress I really had no business buying because it was for a "special event."< Here is a link to it. It looks better on me than it does on the model though. I'm curvier. I have busy hair that I don't want to compete with the pattern, so I guess I'll pin it up. And then on events like this I like to wear a piece of jewelry that our grandmother left me, so maybe her sapphire ring.

But shoesss. I have heels, but I don't know if my gimp hip is up for them. Some cute yellow flats would be nice...even some simple black ones...I don't know that I have a suitable pair though. Despite my complete and utter love of all things clothes related, most of my money goes to far less interesting things.

I'm actually in a position where I have to buy at least some new clothes this summer, because I'm 20 pounds less than I was last year. Yet I have a strict budget and I won't enjoy it as much as do when I just blunder into j.crew and they happen to be having a sale.

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