Saturday, April 14, 2012

Current Events

I don't want to post another downer entry, so I'll just leave it as: doing slightly worse, seeing my orthopedic surgeon on Monday and since my rheumatologist is in the same building I hope to handcuff myself to the waiting room furniture or otherwise stage some act of civil disobidience until I'm allowed to see her. I can't carry on like this; I know there's an ER visit in my future and I hate going to the ER for anything, but pain is the worst. I really hope I manage to avoid it. In other news where I don't despair of my life, I bought an iPad since I'm always slumming around and don't always get the luxury of working at my desk. I also got a wireless keyboard, so I could type more easily. Once I found out you can't buy a cheap wireless keyboard (I went with Apple's offical version) things went a lot easier. With the Trayvon Martin case as a spring board, many media sources have tentatively begun discussing rsce. Good. It's about time. It's our responsibiity as citizens to discuss inequalities in our country. And they exist! Between the races, between men and women between rich and poor. And they'll never go while while people continue to hide from the issues saying, "We're all Americans." Well, like I said in my last entry, just because you espouse it doesn't mean you are it. The United States were founded on shaky moral ground. We all know this. and if we all do love our country we should do everything we can to mend it and help it become the things it claims to be. That's clumsily stated, but honest.

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