Monday, November 14, 2011

GI Update

I'm going to update quickly and without much of my usual finesse for time's sake. Well, my GI problems from October continued to get worse until my nausea was so severe I couldn't even get enough water down. I was so miserable, always half dehydrated and feeling like I would dry heave any second. So eventually I got hospitalized twice. The first time I was too dehydrated to get an IV in any of my peripheral veins, so they drilled a central line in my chest. This really hurt. I passed the gastric emptying test, so I was falsely buoyed, thinking the whole thing was an episode that would just blow over. But as soon as I was discharged I went right back to being as sick as before and it only took two days before I was admitted again, to a different hospital. The tentative verdict is chronic migraine. Which I really, really want to be true so my problem can be "what should I eat to gain back ten pounds?" instead of, "how do I keep from accidentally dying of thirst/starvation/electrolyte imbalance?" I have a feeling of deep unrest in my body. Even sitting here now, in my own room, at my familar desk, listening to familiar music. Something feels awry. I'm tired of moving from one crisis to another with EDS. I just want to live.


Rusty Hoe said...

Sorry to hear you are so ill Yvette. I know how scary it can be when your GI tract loses the plot. I am still trying to find answers from when I was hospitalised in August for my own GI issues. We seem way to be ridiculously complicated at times. I know my eating patterns are different now, but at least I have been able to maintain rather than continue to lose weight, I hope the same will happen for you and you can get some quality of life back. I hope it is a migraine issue and they can help you quickly.(hugs)

Yvette said...

Rusty, yeah I'm so tired of it all. In the end, I don't think it was a migraine issue, since my migraines are better than they have been in months. But I'm still nauseated.

I'm only nauseated when I'm physically active though, which is why I always improve in the hospital, only to get promptly ill again once discharged.

How frustrating! I hope the both of us find a resolution soon. Thanks for the well wishes, I really appreciate them.

Em said...

nausea is no fun yvette, i know that im stating the obvious here, hour after hour, week after week. urghhh, you have my empathy, im walking the same path at the moment. hope you feel a little better soon. xxx

Yvette said...

Em, so sorry you're going through the same thing at the moment. It really does suck. Can't wait to see your holly wreath though!

Elizabeth McClung said...

This is very distressing, and I hope that the desire to live continues even as you are plauged with such unhelpful treatment (and painful treatment).

I generally don't eat or drink, and have similar problems - people offer heavy sluggy drinks to gain calories and I say, "Please have one." - but strangely, the very solution they tell me is so good, they refuse to drink at all. I use the 'do YOU want this' test a lot for those who seem to want to blame the person who is ill for being ill and not as clever or determined as the person who comes up with the ideas but doesn't seem to want to engage in them either.