Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another One Bites The Dust

I think I'm going to need yet another new doctor soon. There was a lot of "you look better" (all while I'm complaining of feeling worse) and suggesting I need to exercise more when I just recently was able to walk again thanks to a doctor who finally took action about the severe bursitis in my hips. The kicker was when he said if I pushed my body it would "rise to the occasion."

"That hasn't been my experience," I said tightly.

I really don't want to have to go all the way to Cincinnati. Despite the fact that it is in Ohio and I would be able to use secondary insurance there, it is too far to drive there and back in a single day; I would have to stay in a hotel. That makes it pretty pricey. But I'm to the point where I'm tired of throwing my money away. My attempts to find a primary doctor in this area have pretty much failed.


Em said...

sorry you having such a bad time of drs. had my fair share over the years. would you consider travelling the distance? like you say throwing money away on drs like this. living so near london im lucky that one is only 45 minutes away and gets POTS, because he has an interest in it. good luck, and take care. x

Yvette said...

Em, I'm sorry too. And I think I'm ready to travel. It seems so silly because Cleveland is a city renowned for its doctors. People travel from all over to come here, but apparently for a disorder like EDS, it's no better than anywhere else. In fact, it might actually be worse, because these doctors think so highly of themselves they can't be bothered to learn anything.

Rita said...

There aren't any in Akron?

brilliantmindbrokenbody said...

Aiya, that one isn't worth keeping!

One of the chronic things about EDS is that our bodies can't rise to the occasion. We challenge them too hard and they break. Sheesh. I didn't realize that was a hard concept to get. Maybe it's only obvious from the inside.